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An Excellent Site for Creatives with a Story to Tell!

We love that our bonders love us. They love us so much that they are taking time out of their busy schedules to write a review about BondsWell. We heart you too. Here is Crystal King UK’s review on BondsWell and check out her awesome bond she made too.Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 1.58.47 PM

“Bondswell is an EXCELLENT site for any creatives with a story to tell! Unlike other apps that I use eg Instagram, which only allow you to post images and deal with people on a visual basis – Bondswell is a great platform to post something more in depth! A picture is worth a thousand words, but man do we love a story to go with it! You can post an image and let people know what it means to you, why you are posting it, what you were doing when it was taken and what its all about, deepening your bond with your followers! Not only that but browse other bonds and pick up shed loads of fashion tips, trends, advice and fun moments from others also posting bonds! You can also like, follow, bond and connect with other like-minded creatives and its a fun place to be :D”

Join in on the fun, signup  for and use invite code – bondswellblog

A Review on BondsWell by Jessica Trotter

Don’t take our word for it, take it from Jessica. She explains and reviews what BondsWell is all about from her perspective. And, we like it.

In Jessica’s words…

“ is taking inspiration and creativity to the next level. It is great for the visual creators who can put not only their inspiration and ideas they find around the internet into one place, they can add text, flair and really create a story with their ideas. Create and share your talents all in one

So where do you begin? Well it begins with an idea or an inspiration. It is here at that you begin telling your story with what they call a bond. This bond is a blank canvas where you can put together images, text, products and even services all in one place. You can group everything that inspires you about a subject. What makes bondswell stand out from other social media is that you can find people with common interests and inspire each other with your bonds. Now you and your new friends can have a special “bond” together. Join a group that has the common interests as you do and create bonds with your new friends.

Learning bondswell is easy and pretty user friendly. They have a tutorial that explains how everything works. There are instructions on how to create a bond and how to edit it, keeping your creativity in mind.   You can do more on this site than just pin images. You can collect your favorite images from any website and upload it into your “my content” section or you can use the BondsWell catalog to pull images from as well. All you need is to install Bondswell’s bondlet to help you save these images to your account. Add not just pictures but write text or graphics on it, share a poem, add a product to give your bond a complete and whole picture. Once you have your bond completed, publish and connect with the rest of the world with it.

You can browse through other people’s bonds, which can give you endless amounts of inspiration. Bondswell stands out from the rest as it emphasizes connecting within the creative community. You can even shop on this site. Find great deals and create whatever you want more effectively and efficiently. If you have a business and looking for the next big social media thing. Than bondswell is definitely something you want to check out and hop on now. Their popularity is growing so now is the time to utilize this great new social media application before it becomes too saturated.”


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