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Engineering Marvel of Tesla

In the past several years, the interior of personal vehicles have been built with digital displays. They resemble a tablet or a phone as it can display maps, play music, and even project a camera view. Tesla has taken a step further in reengineering the personal vehicle.

A Tesla car is a unique engineering gemstone that has some of the most cutting-edge car software technology that exists today. Tesla cars are the only ones on the road that receive software updates over the air that improves how the car operates. It is just like running a software update on a personal device (phone, tablet, laptop). Except you would not have to worry about holding the device because it is mounted in the center console.

Dan Seitz/ The center console shows large displays that replicates a tablet and eliminates fixed buttons.
Dan Seitz/ The center console shows large displays that replicates a tablet and eliminates fixed buttons.

People have become accustomed to buying new versions of products in order to receive the latest technological updates. Tesla is breaking that mold. Instead of having to buy a new car every several years to receive new features. Those new advancements will come with any Tesla that is already functioning. The newest Tesla model has the same features as its ancestors. This is because a new Tesla car has the same updates and software features that an older Tesla car can update itself.

Besides the advance software and hardware, Tesla is very economically friendly. It is one of a few fossil fuel independent car that exists. Imagine how much you can help the environment by driving a car that releases zero emissions.

What is truly amazing about Tesla is that it is powered by a motor that is the size of a watermelon, but with a lot more juice. The small motor is so powerful that it can handle speeds of up to 14,000 RPM. To describe that number in context, a fossil fuel engine can only handle a speeds of up to about 7,000-8,000 RPM. The power that a Tesla motor can generate is simply incredible. You can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds.

If you are an enthusiast for fast accelerating, environmentally friendly, and techie cars, Tesla is one that you should try out! You will be able to effortlessly race past anyone while being environmentally responsible. Also, you will always have the most updated software features. That’s the power of Tesla!

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My Travel Bag


(Camera – Canon SLR, iPhone – Apple, iPhone case – Jagger Edge, iPad – Apple, iPad case – Penelope & Parker, Apple chargers – Apple, Kindle – Amazon, Kindle case – Mulberry, Swimsuit – Morgan Maillot, Wallet – Kate Spade, Shoes – Capezio, Hat – OndadeMar, Shades – Vera Bradley, Sunscreen – CLARINS Sun Wrinkle Control SPF 30,  Sandals – American Eagle Outfitters)

What’s in My Travel Bag

I absolutely love my Kindle (I have two, the Kindle Fire and the Kindle with the Keyboard) because not only am I an avid reader, sometimes flying is the only free time I have for reading! With the Kindle Fire, I could also listen to my audibles and watch downloaded movies on the plane.

After flying for hours and checking in at a hotel, I love to relax in a jacuzzi or heated pool, so I always pack a swimsuit – just in case.  Plus, if your destination is close to a beach, you are all set without worrying about where you could find a swimsuit.

Since I rarely wear tennis shoes, do not want to lug a suitcase of heels and desire to wear a dress from time to time, I always bring a pair of heels made for dancing. It is light, functional and looks fabulous with any dress or jeans. When I visited New York City a couple years ago, I comfortably walked over 30 blocks in a pair of Capezio – without any blisters!

And of course, don’t forget your chargers, Apple products and sunscreen!

Food for the Soul

As I travel and discover new places, cultures and people, however, I appreciate how it broadens my horizon.

1. Opens my mind. I organically learn about new and diverse places, people and cultures  that may or may not do things the same way as Americans. Even if I travel to the same place more than once, each experience is new – and different. And I love delicious food from all over the world, from a cart in the middle of the street to a restaurant in the middle of an isolated island.

2. Challenges me to thrive. By far, I am not the most athletic person. I am afraid of heights, and I cannot swim well.  However, I have challenged myself by (safely) zip lining in Costa Rica and black water rafting in Rotorua, which made snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef a piece of cake!  I come back loving myself and appreciating life even more!

3. Allows me to see the beauty of a people globally.  All over the world, I’ve discovered that many of us value inner beauty – love, respect, purity, integrity, friendships and family. There are people in Fiji who are happy just because they are surrounded by beautiful lagoons and clear blue sky. There are people in Slovenia who are happy just because they are surrounded by friends – and cooked wine.

Thus, go forth and explore!